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WME - The pursuit of excellence

The pursuit of excellence in everything we do for our clients, our vendors and our brokers!
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The WME Mission

World Maritime Exchange wants to be known as a partner in the improvement of human performance, both in organizations and as individuals. The pursuit of excellence in everything we do or our client's do, is our priority.

The WME Creed

To our Clients:

World Maritime Exchange will provide the highest quality training, consulting and talent search available to the maritime industry.

To our Associates:

World Maritime Exchange understands that our associates will be the basis for the organization's success. You will be treated fairly and ethically and given the full opportunity to perform at your potential.

To our Trainees:

World Maritime Exchange will use the most effective teaching strategies and information available to them in quest of your improved performance.

To Our Service and Product:

World Maritime Exchange will keep vigilant in the up grading of all its products and services. We will maintain the highest quality in product and service.

The Organizations We Work With

Yacht Brokerages, Boat Manufactures, Boat Dealers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Charter Services, Educational Institutions, Certifying Agencies, Shippers, Logistics Companies, Marine Law Enforcement, U. S. Coast Guard, Marine Safety Organizations, and all maritime related entities.

The People We Work With

Captains, Mates, Police Chiefs, Yacht Brokers, Master Yacht Brokers, Senior Yacht Brokers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sales Agents, Purchasing and Shipping Agents, Mechanics, Fiberglass Workers, Surveyors, Marine Architects, and a whole host of other marine related personnel.

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Capt. Bernard "Berny" Coffey

World Maritime Exchange
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